How to Apply Beard Oil: The Step by Step Guide

How to Apply It's Bro Hemp Beard Oil: The Step by Step Guide

  1. Pour anywhere from 2 to 8 drops of Beard Oil Into your hand depending on the magnitude of your beard
  2. Work oil into your hands before applying to your beard
  3. Work oil into your beard from the skin outward starting with the underside
  4. Apply daily or even two times a day if you are in a dry climate or have thick course facial hair. 
  5. Finish by taming down the wild hairs with a downward stroke of your beard.  All beards man know this stroke.
  6. Look awesome
Despite its growing popularity in this decade, beard oil is still not as commonly used as some would think. Although this product continues to repair and maintain new beards each day, many are still unaware of just what hemp seed oil is and what it offers in a beard oil.

Many who are just discovering it are understandably a bit confused on using it properly.

In this article we will discuss step by step how beard oil should be used and why it is an important product for taking care of your beard and maintaining a well groomed face.

Right Way to Pour Beard Oil

It's Bro Hemp Beard oil is in small bottles with a euro dropper end for less mess and control of how much you use. Pouring beard oil is not difficult but it can be a bit tricky. You should open the bottle cap and tap it with your hand before turning it over. Pour it slowly to ensure that none of the oil gets wasted. Always remember to close the bottle right after use to avoid any contamination.

How to Apply

Pour a few drops of beard oil in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Apply it gently on your beard starting from your skin near the neck and upwards. It is recommended that you do this right after a shower as beard oil works best when your skin is clean and moist.  Look for our shampoo and body wash coming soon. 

Frequency of Use

The first thing to keep in mind is that the size and length of your beard will determine how much beard oil you need to use. The key is to use It's Bro Hemp Beard Oil regularly and over a period of time you will experience increased benefits from its use. The density of your beard will also determine how often you use the oil. Meaning that men who have a thick or dense beards may need to use it on a daily basis while those having a shorter facial hair can get away with using less.

Temperature and climate can also play a role on the frequency of use as well. People living in humid climates may need to use the oil less often compared to people who live in hot and dry places.  Hemp seed oil is an amazing ingredient in a beard oil for maintaining a bad ass beard in coastal windy climates, as well as hot dry desert heat.
As you can see, beard oil is a very easy product to use so there is no reason not to start using it immediately. Your facial hair will be softer and you will have a much more attractive look.

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