Digital Remote Wireless Grilling Meat Thermometer
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BBQ Grill Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

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BBQ Grill Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer 

Monitoring the temperature of the meat you are grilling is extremely important, especially if you have a new or old grill.  Temperature can be very inconsistent between cooking devices,  and the difference between these factors can greatly effect end result

Meat Thermometer Features:

  • Remote Wireless Display
  • Up To 175 ft Range
  • Illuminated LCD Screen
  • 3 Foot Probe Cable
  • 8 Meat Type Selections
  • Preset Temperature Options

You can use this meat thermometer in the grill, oven, or your smoker.  Perfect for grilling steaks, beef, pork, lamb, or chicken.  Roast your turkey to a perfection and monitor the temp from another room.  



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