Beard Oil

Taking care of your beard with a quality man's product that includes hemp seed oil, will ensure that you maintain a full thick beard that will bring you compliments on the daily!

You know you look good, now make sure your beard does too!

It's Bro Hemp Beard Oil is formulated to increase the overall quality of your beard.  Our ingredients will help keep your beard hydrated and soft.  Not only will your facial hair see improvements, but your skin will love the hemp seed oil.

How to use Beard Oil

After you take your routine shower, you will want to add 5-10 drops of the beard oil into your hand and work into your beard and skin.  How much you use is dependent on your beard length and density.   Our bottles have a euro dropper cap that controls the flow so you do not over use.   

What scent is the beard oil?

Our natural scent is mild yet appealing.  As we currently only have available the natural scent, we will be rolling out some new fragrances soon.

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