Beard Balm

Sometimes you need to tame that beard a bit! Using a beard balm with hemp seed oil will allow you to sculpt a nice shape all while providing nourishment to the hair.

The hemp oils will allow your beards hair to grow thicker and faster.  This will also make for much stronger and better looking beards in the long term.

Why use beard balm?

A man's beard can sometimes get a little out of control.  Balms are a great way to help tame the craziness a bit.  You can take control of your face with our great quality beard balms.

Why not just use beard oil?

All beard products serve a different purpose, and many beardsman use them all. Your beard oil does a great job at locking in moisture, as well as treating your beard with quality ingredients.  Your beard balm will do much of the same, but at the same time, it will tame.

How to Use Beard Balm

Scrape off some of the beard balm with your thumb nail and place it in the palm of your hand.  About a dime size amount should be enough for your average beard.  Using your fingertips, you will work it into your beard and skin from the roots to the tips.  Once your have worked it in really well with your fingers, use your balms to flatten out the crazy beard hairs.  Get your boars hair brush and finish your style bro!