All Shaving Tools

Taking care of a mans face requires tools to master the art of shaving.  Straight razors for a perfect line and close shave. You will also safety razors for the traditional man, as well as the refills.   Maintaining sharp blades is also important, so if you choose a high end straight razor you will need to maintain that sharpness with stones and sharpening straps.

How to get the best wet shave

There are some very important things to consider when your chasing after the best possible shave.  But what does that really mean?

What defines a great wet shave?

How you prep before shaving

The tools that you use to shave

Your shaving technique 

Your shaving products

How to prepare for a Wet Shave?

I find it easiest to shave after showering, because the steam and warm water helps to open up your pores and soften the hair.  If you are not able to shower before shaving, a hot towel will do a great job as well.  This is your classic barber shave experience anyways.  Grab your favorite shaving cream, lotion, gel, or soap.  Keep in mind your choice of product will effect your shave quality as well.

What tools to use for the Best Shave?

The best possible shave usually will come from a straight razor, but this shaving tool takes lots of practice.  I recommend using a safety razor and a straight razor in combination.  This will allow you to master the art of shaving with both tools, and maybe even transition entirely to the straight razor.  Cartridge razors are great for a convenience, yet actually do a pretty good job as well.  You just may see your 5 o'clock shadow arriving a bit early. 

Should I shave with or against the grain?

Everyone has a different skin sensitivity, and although shaving against the grain will get you the closest shave and can also cause more irritation.  You will know better than I on this topic, but note that your facial hair will grow in many different directions and that is part of the art of shaving.  You will probably need to do a little of both against and with the grain for best results. Take your time and enjoy the experience. 

Shaving Cream or Soap?

Much like the last question, your skin with require a different product than another.  The most important part is the ingredients inside the products.  It doesn't matter if you use shaving soap, gel, lotion, or cream.  As long as its lubricating, restorative, as well as leaves your face looking and feeling great.  Then its the right product for you.  I suggest products that use hemp seed oil.