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Safety Razor Men's Shaving - Butterfly Open Double Edge Blade - It's Bro Products

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Safety Razor - Butterfly Open - It's Bro Products

Shaving can be a very relaxing part of your daily routine.  But you must have nice tools like a nice safety razor.  

Why This Safety Razor: 

  • ✔ Easy butterfly open blade change
  • ✔ Comfortable Grip
  • ✔ Close Smooth Shave
  • ✔ Reduced ingrown hairs
  • ✔ Less red bumps

Is it time to step up your shaving game?

It can take practice to master the art of shaving

You too can master using these quality shaving tools

Give one of our great shaving products a try, we are certain you will be happy with the performance of this type of safety razor.  

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